…I believe that architecture is the ideal combination of fantasy and rigour, experience and innovation with manual skill; the true inspiring principle behind my work.

To be able to trace back everything to one’s own hand, both in the creative and development stages, allows the architect to control the production process in every single phase.

This has allowed me to understand the true nature of the profession, working in the most diverse contexts and creating architecture even when the materials available are only light and space. This clarity of action has accompanied me throughout twenty years of professional activity; years that have been inspired by a principle of healthy and intimate enjoyment, shared along the way with colleagues, artisans or customers

The design of commissioned works, as well as the drafting of a projected concept, are both executed in the same way:  by closely adhering to the Brief and at the same time using a transversal approach which allows the inclusion of various aspects; the multidisciplinary approach of the architectural studio is particularly useful in this respect because it allows each aspect of the project, whether a detail or the system as a whole, to be viewed in a variety of different ways.

Content analysis is therefore an important factor in the conception of a project, yet the so-called “recreational” stage also plays a fundamental role: many times it, or the search for the final look, or a tight deadline or the availability of funds also play a central role in the approach to design and planning.

In fact, it is particularly interesting to see how one can bring together opposing elements in a deductive or inductive way, while still satisfying the needs of all those involved in the creative and developmental process.

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